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Feedback on staff from the CQC Inspection Report (31st May 2017)

We received complimentary feedback about the caring attitude of staff. Comments people made included; “They are absolutely wonderful. They are fantastic shining stars. To them it is not just a job” and “They are very caring and respectful.”

People told us they felt safe with the staff that supported them. Comments made included, “Absolutely. I have total confidence in them” and “My (relative) feels safe and comfortable with (staff member). So calm and sweet."

The people we spoke with told us they felt the staff had the right attitude, skills and experience to meet their needs. Comments made included; “I have every confidence in them. They notice things and bring things to my attention if they have any concerns” and “Their record keeping is excellent. They record every detail”.

We looked at six satisfaction surveys that had been sent out to people during the last six months. All the comments were positive and included comments such as, “I am very satisfied”, “I am very happy with things to date”, “I am very pleased. The standards are a great improvement on others” (previous services used) and “Very satisfied indeed.”

Comments from the staff showed they felt valued, included and consulted with. Staff spoke positively about working at the agency. Staff told us they were in regular contact with the registered provider and that she was supportive and approachable. We saw that staff had access to policies and procedures to support them in their practice.

The registered provider (manager) is on call outside of office hours in order to provide advice and support to both staff and the people who use the service.

Feedback from service user satisfaction surveys:
Judith offers a very flexible, professional service. All the carers that work for Premier Care At Home were very kind to mum. The standard of care mum received was excellent. The small pool of carers that work for Judith allowed mum to build a relationship with them and I feel that’s important for mum’s wellbeing – getting to know people on a regular basis.

C. Barnard, 2018
Our (relative’s) condition meant that over time we needed different levels of support. At every stage of our journey, the level and quality of care was responsive and appropriate. But, over time and above that, the level of care and compassion shown by all carers has been exceptional. This allowed us to preserve our (relative’s) independence, dignity and quality of life for much longer than would otherwise have been possible, and we could never express in words just how much this has meant to all the family. The staff not only do what is required, the way care is delivered made our (relative) feel like she had some very special friends who helped to ease problems and hugely enhance her quality of life.

B. Greenhalgh (Heywood) 2017
All carers have been friendly and professional and (xxxx) has liked them all. Everything that needed doing for the comfort and care of (xxxx) was done by all the girls. They immediately saw and responded to her varying needs and nothing was too much for them. We have been 100% satisfied. Well done!

M. Lancaster (Alkrington) 2017
A caring and capable group of women who acted very professionally and kept Chris at home despite advanced age and progressive dementia. I always felt I could trust the carers and I could always raise any concerns with the manager and these concerns would always be addressed...I was particularly impressed with (carer’s name) awareness of risk and her diligence. Also, her extremely supportive approach to (xxx) – very commendable.

C. B. Kelly (Middleton) 2017